Entry #1

I'm not actually dead

2007-09-19 01:35:34 by AdmiralConquistador

Yes, it's true, I haven't fallen off a cliff into a bed of spinach(???). I've just been busy graduating from FSU and working and a girlfriend... It's hard to juggle all of these things. I have a bit of free time now, and am going to try and create some original pieces for you fuckers on NG. SUCKIT

Oh yea, and check out my latest track, M-Theory 1, part of a larger picture.

I'm not actually dead


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2007-09-19 13:19:34

so, how much time does this girlfriend take up? is she one of those high maintenance bitches? sorry for the language. i bet she has a nice ass though, huh? or maybe she's out of the country so you finally have free time to make awesome music? well, let me know if you're free sometime. we could grab a cup of cheese and talk about her.


2007-11-23 20:23:52

Y Hi there


2010-06-21 10:08:50

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